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LP Childrens

(S) sealed (A) audiophile (SA) sealed audiophile

alpha by title/performers


Steve Allen and Janyne Meadows - For Children Only! (Golden LP 247) $14.99

Babes in Toyland (Pickwick SPC-1023) $14.99 (S)

Bible Stories:

    Prodigal Son & Last Supper (Cricket CR-208) $14.99 (S)

Bozo and his Rocket Ship/Hopalong Cassidy and the Singing Bandit (Capital L6821-RR) $19.99


Chipmunks - a Go-Go (Sunset LST-7424) $14.99

Chipmunks - Sings Again with the Chipmunks (Liberty LST 7159) $44.99


    Arabian Nights (Disneyland STER-3988) $11.99

    Boatniks (Disneyland ST 3999) $14.99

    Child's Garden of Verses (Disneyland WDL 1008) $19.99

    Christmas Favorites (Disneyland 2506) $12.99

    Dumbo (Disneyland ST 3904) $24.99

    Favorite Songs from Walt Disney Motion Picture Hits (Mitch Mille/Sandpipers) (Golden LP107) $9.99

    Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates (Disneyland DQ 1282) $7.99

    Happy Birthday and Songs for Every Holiday (Disneyland DQ 1214) $19.99 (S)

    Holiday Fun for Children (w/N. Paris, R. Rice) Harmony HL 9531 $19.99 (S)

    Professor Wonderful (J. S. Miller) Relating Stories of Galileo (Disneyland DQ 1271) $19.99 (S)

    Seven Dwarfs and their Diamond Mine (Disneyland DQ-1297) $9.99

    Songs from Heidi (Disneyland DQ 1327) $14.99

For Laughing Out Loud Vol. 1 (Mr Pickwick SPC-5163) $11.99

Greg & Steve - We All Live Together Vol. 1 (Youngheart R-YR001) $9.99

Hear the Animals Sing (Harmony HL 9506) $9.99

Little Prince (St.-Exupery) (Everest 3352) $19.99 (S)

Little Toot and other Songs about Boats and Water (HappyTime 1015) $7.99 

Mister Rogers - Won't You Be My Neighbor? (MRN 8101) $14.99

My American Heritage - Henry Ford (Mr. Pickwick SPC-5162) $19.99 (S)

On Top of Spaghetti and Other Songs to Tickle Your Funnybone (Wonderland/Golden LP267) $7.99

Party Time Dance & Game Songs (Peter Pan 8230) $8.99

Peter Rabbit/Pied Piper of Hamelin (Gene Kelly) (Harmony HL 9527) $7.99

Postman Pat (Woodland PPLP 101)$14.99 (I)

Precious Pupp and Granny Sweet - Hot Rod Granny (Hanna Barbera HLP 2045) $39.99

Seraphim Guide to the Instruments of the Orchestra (Seraphim S-60234) $6.99

Strawberry Shortcake Live (Kid Stuff KSS-5950) $6.99

Tale Spinners for Children:

    Robin Hood (UA UAC 11001) $17.99

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